Incorp went to TEDx and LOVED it! Our takeaways...

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With a full house of 2,500 attendees, this years TEDx edition hosted in Sydney Opera House was every bit inspiring.

It provided an immersive outlet for the collusion of minds from a broad spectrum of education, knowledge and experience. TEDx’s catering concept “Togetherness” served a well-rounded spectrum providing the context of collaboration of people and ideas.

The speakers; a showcase of diversity on several levels across age, nationality, and experience. All shared an incredible spectrum through each of their experiences – from Virtual Reality and neurogaming innovations to the heartwarming campaign against “fat-phobia” and a surprisingly candid dissection of the process of life into death.

The catering across the day had a symbolic tie into the purpose behind the TED mantra – a smorgasbord of homemade gourmet family recipes chosen to represent the diversity of the Sydney audience (see right bottom photo). The concept: food, like ideas, are best shared, provided the foundations for a big family-style gathering.

Top 5 Takeaways

1. Ideas: powerful tools through collaboration
Never underestimate the power of minds combined. Not only can you develop as a professional through knowledge
and skill, but insight through shared experience can be powerfully liberating for personal growth.

2. Any industry can be disrupted
Unexplored territory is often where the magic lays for future innovation. Always remember there’s always creative re-imagining of any industry no matter how traditional or uncreative it seems. Before you decide that there’s nothing left to change, think again.

3. Anticipate the unknown
10 years ago, could anyone have predicted the rise of services like AirBnB, Uber or Facebook? As professionals we are on a journey constantly seeking to predict future trends, observe market and competitor behaviours and seek out the unexplored grey areas.

4. Be present, be aware.
Leonardo Da Vinci once quoted ‘all our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions”. Take the time to be conscious
of your actions, notice your surroundings. You may just learn something new.

5. Don’t ask “Why”, ask “Why not?”
As creators, we are challenged make decisions and take risks. We must push the line and not be afraid to make mistakes. Innovation is born through opportunities created through error.

By Tania Reis