2022 - A time for Action

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So you survived 2021. Great.

You watched and observed your teams carefully to understand how they responded to the lockdown and the covid challenges with isolation and remote working.

While clunky, your technology worked and you managed to get the job done.

However, just managing to struggle through and only getting the job done is fine as an immediate response to a crisis but is neither a long term solution nor a way to sustainably grow. Your competitors are coming up with solutions that are better, faster, cheaper plus more. Triaging the situation means you are losing ground, competitive advantage, clients, opportunity and profits. Costs of people and property have not stopped despite business being heavily impacted. The time to make decisions and take action is now. And if not now then when?

Covid has undermined culture, communication, connection and efficiency. Just waiting and watching is not good enough. Action to remedy the ground lost, the culture eroded and the efficiencies degraded is needed now. Sitting on your hands for another year will spell disaster for culture and business performance as well as miss the opportunity to reduce property costs and or leverage workplace efficiency.

When it comes to an organisation second-biggest expense, property, our strategies and actions should be put in place to ensure the portfolio is constantly right-sized and fit for purpose. When those strategies are actually implemented, are largely determined by lease expiry dates and the following questions:-

Question 1: Is your organisational design and operational model now finalised to address the changes driven by COVID?

Question 2: Is your property portfolio right-sized and fit for purpose now and into the future?

Question 3: Do you have your implementation road map finalised for making those cultural, operational, technical and physical changes?

The Incorp team has been working with some of the world’s largest and most innovative organisations globally since 1988, to help them formulate and implement people and property solutions that drive innovation and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist you and your team to create high-performance cultures and workplaces.