Experience Framework

We put experience first and enable people to make real connections through strategic design decisions to improve quality of life.

Why us?

We design for people.
Strategy led and fully integrated.
We shape the feelings evoked by the environment to align with the purpose.
Spaces engineered to empower our clients journey.
Fit for purpose environments responsive to human behaviour.
We co-design the question and solutions with our clients.
We invest in clever people who understand design and functionality.


1. Employee engagement, analysis and mapping
2. Strategic design engineering: colour psychology / digital integration
and interactive solutions / sound scaping and acoustic analysis
3. Brand: strategy, development and management
4. Environmental observation and analysis
5. Spatial diagnostic walkthrough
6. Storyboarding and prototyping
7. Wayfinding: strategy, design and development
8. Signage / environmental graphics
9. Peer review

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