Alicia Discusses Generational Dynamics on ABC Radio

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Our very own Director of Generational Dynamics, Alicia Stephenson, was invited by ABC Radio to discuss the implications of a multi-generational workplace.

Alicia joined Lisa Leong and additional guests including Holly Ransom, Demographer, Mark McCrindle, and CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce, James Pearson, on ‘This Working Life’. They shared their experiences of how individual working styles are influenced by age, and discussed how the leadership styles they were exposed to in their formative years shaped the approach they now adopt.

Click this link to listen to the full episode

Here are 5 key points to help you understand Generational Dynamics, and its impact on the current workplace:

  1. 1. Companies need to view generations as a type of diversity, the same way as culture and gender diversity.

  1. 2. Millennials coming into leadership roles now, have the responsibility to lead in an ever-changing or fast-paced environment. In response, they are having to flatten the hierarchical structure, clear the top-down chain of communication, and learn
  2. on the go.

  1. 3. As millennials are changing jobs quite rapidly, the leadership style they adopted during their formative years is now constantly evolving based on their learnings from different workplaces and industries. Millennials are responding by implementing their own unique leadership style.

  1. 4. Two things great millennial managers bring to the table are a sense of empathy, and a willingness to learn.

  1. 5. To ensure a successful transition to any new way of working, it is recommended to first understand the generational differences and trends that underpin your organisational culture to then inform how to design your future workplace.

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