'Stunning Success': Newcastle Council CEO says office move ushers in new era

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“Frankly, it has been a stunning success. The feedback has been universally popular. It has been a little bit of a disruptive week but it’s wonderful to hear how positively staff have embraced not just the new location, but the very different way staff are expected to work.” – Jeremy Bath, City of Newcastle’s CEO

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Our Interior Design and Cultural Evolution teams played a major role in this transformative project to create a modern, collaborative workplace that not only looks incredible but truly unlocks the full potential of the organisation’s 450 employees. Through Incorp’s unique model putting people at the heart of the workplace, the property, design and technology upgrades underpin the values and embedded behaviours aspired to by the City of Newcastle team.

“The greatest value we were able to bring was to support City of Newcastle’s leadership team, to step fully into their powerful sponsorship role, and to role model the expected mindset and behaviours for the whole organisation.” – Tony Coyle, Incorp’s Director of Cultural Evolution

The new offices and activity-based working model reflects the Council’s efforts to keep up with the technological changes of the 21st Century, and their commitment to boost staff morale while creating a more attractive workplace for prospective employees.

“I see a very bright future” – Jeremy Bath, City of Newcastle’s CEO

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