Don't listen to the Daily Telegraph! SUT provides real benefits.

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Outrage sparked by Daily Telegraph use of employee-tracking devices. Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper has quickly removed tracking devices from journalists' desks after a backlash from unions and staff.

OccupEye, the technology which was implemented in the Daily Telegraph offices, is an automated space utilisation technology which helps companies optimise their physical workplace. It works by using sensors to record which parts of the office are occupied at any given time. It does not monitor people nor individuals, as it is designed purely as a space management tool.

Incorp Property Solutions Group has the first OccupEye installation in Australia, within our Brisbane office. All staff were informed prior to the implementation about what the system does and the benefits it provides, and there are no concerns.

In modern agile workplace environments, people are no longer chained to their desks. As technology enables workers to become more mobile and empowers them to work where and when they choose, workplaces are becoming more fluid and transitory.

Current office design incorporates shared collaboration spaces designed for temporary occupation. Activity Based Working (ABW) environments encourage individuals and teams to occupy different settings within the office best suited to their activity at that time.

Future workplaces will be the product of harnessing SUT to inform its design. Companies who fail to embrace SUT will be left behind, making workplace decisions based on assumptions rather than real hard data.

The recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald reflects the importance of employee engagement when introducing any new technology. Equating OccupEye to other workplace systems which track computer use and mobile phone tracking is a false comparison.

OccupEye does not hold any individual user information, thus is less of a privacy concern than existing technologies used in most workplaces.

Big data in the workspace is the next area of business competitive advantage, allowing a business to evolve and be more productive by optimising the use of their leased space.

Studies have shown that companies underutilise their space by up to 30%. Thus, providing the best functioning and most efficient workplace is a clear competitive advantage.

OccupEye is one of a few solutions available to provide accurate data analysis in a readily accessible format. Quality analytics provide clear metrics on space usage, allowing you to determine which spaces work and which don’t. This data tells you how efficient your workplace is or is not.

OccupEye currently has tens of thousands of units deployed around the world.  Moreover, not only is the solution attracting interest throughout the UK and in Europe, but it is also proving very popular in other parts of the world.  In the last six months, it has been sold to countries including Australia, the USA and the United Arab Emirates; negotiations are also in progress with organisations in India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Understanding which spaces work informs future workspace design. Smart businesses will minimise unused space and maximise space efficiency. Using SUT to provide the best workplace whilst driving down property costs, means a more productive and sustainable business.

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