Great News! Vodafone Central shortlisted for Best Workplace Project

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We’re thrilled for Vodafone and our Project/Design Team for being a national finalist for Best Workplace Project in the 2018 Innovation & Excellence Awards.

Project vision, innovation and user satisfaction make up 50% of the judging criteria for the Best Workplace Project. We have no doubt Vodafone won judge’s votes by being people-centric, future-forward and embracing new ways of working.

To recap … Vodafone’s workplace, dubbed Vodafone Central, brought together around 1,000 people from two Sydney locations into one, to galvanise the team and reshape how the company operated, then and in the future.

Key to their success was the extensive research done with stakeholders (both internal and external) to inform how future ways of working needed to be built into their new environment and how best to empower and connect their employees. Vodafone’s focus on people and understanding their needs was a crucial input into the final workplace design by Incorp.

A significant shift Vodafone embraced was replacing offices, even their CEO Iñaki Berroeta, with many different workplace settings to facilitate flexible working and collaboration. The staircase that interconnects every level of the office was paramount to connecting people through physical space. Every meeting room, work space and community area was also interconnected with cutting edge communication tech that allows people, both inside and out of the office, to be ‘in the room’.

Iñaki Berroeta commented “Our new approach helps to ensure that our people are trusted to work in a way that makes sense for their role. This combined with an increased focus on collaboration makes us more agile and responsive to our customers’ needs.”

Being a Best Workplace finalist is a great endorsement that Vodafone’s new approach is a model for the future. Congratulations to all involved.

About the Awards: Managed by the Property Council of Australia, the National Innovation & Excellence Awards are one of the most prestigious property awards programs in Australia, promoting excellence in design and innovation in the built environment since 1982. 2018 winners will be announced on 11 May.