The Incorp Internship - as scary as it seemed?

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One graduate's candid review following a valuable learning experience becoming an Incorpian for a 12 week internship at Incorp HQ, Sydney.

Reflection by Chino Banzon – student at S P Jain School of Global Management

“I came into Incorp seeking a different type of internship which would benefit me wherever I go in my career. Being a business student, my role as a market researcher in the company helped me put to practice on keeping up with the latest trends and move forward with a strategy. At the same time, working at Incorp exposed me to new things that I wouldn’t learn in university.

I was amazed to see how dynamic a workspace can be, and its effect on employees. I’ve learned how vital each Incorpian’s role is within the company; from understanding a partner’s industry, to overseeing their journey with Incorp, and how it all fit together. That being said, I witnessed how much effort is invested into long term partnerships, which made me realise how important this was to learn on both a professional and personal level.

I appreciated I was encouraged to have fun while working. Unlike the many places I’ve worked, the people I was surrounded with were not just colleagues, but became friends. I loved how everyone was so welcoming and how they made me feel part of the Incorp family. My mentor made sure that I learned as much as I can and came out a better person at the end of my internship.

To this day, I am grateful for my time at Incorp.”

Chino is in his final year of his international degree, having studied and lived within the S P Jain Program in Germany, India, Dubai, the Phillipines and finally Australia.