Meet some of our 6C Incorpians

Andrew Raphael

Senior CAD Designer, NSW

Car Enthusiast, Jetsetter, Tech Buff

Anthony Coyle

National Director, Cultural Evolution, NSW

Problem Solver, Leader, Passionate

Danielle Webster

Senior Interior Designer, VIC

World Traveller, Sun Seeker, Cocktail Enthusiast

Eliza McGivern

Relationship Manager, AU

Cocktail Fanatic, Globe Trotter, Innovator

Filip Mladenovski

Project Manager, QLD

Explorer, Sports Fanatic, Passionate

Janina Juhas

Senior Interior Designer, NSW

Mom, Dream-Maker, Movie Buff

Jason Caruana

National Director, CAD, NSW

Music Lover, Fitness Enthusiast, Laugh-aholic

Joe Dunn

Chief Financial Officer, NSW

Family, Competitive, Passionate

Lara Johnston

Senior Design Consultant & Cultural Evolution Manager, VIC

Bibliophile, Amateur Photographer, Explorer

Lex Razdobreev

Senior Project Manager, NSW

Patient, Determined, Sportsman

Melissa Boyle

Marketing Coordinator, AU

Creative, Sci Fi Geek, Book Lover

Perry Gray

Founder / Managing Director, AU

Adventurous, Mindful, Disruptive

Peter Henderson

National Director, Operations, AU

Beach, Sun, Soccer and Fast Cars

Rebecca Lv

Management Accountant, NSW

Explorer, Food Enthusiast, Dog Lover

Rob Lock

Senior Project Manager, VIC

Imaginative, Thoughtful, Dog Lover

Stewart Selling

Business Development Consultant, NSW

Family Guy, Politically Incorrect, Lateral Thinker