111 Alinga St, Canberra

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Brookfield - Tenant Retention Strategy - Dept. of Infrastructure

Incorp was initially engaged by Brookfield to support the development of a Building Condition and Space Planning Review of 111 Alinga Street, Canberra.

This report detailed the recommended upgrade works that were integral to their tenant retention strategy, and a part of the lease requirements for their sole tenant, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

Incorp was then tasked to design and deliver the recommended upgrades to the base building and end-of-trip facilities.

Our solutions included the following:
— The Building Condition and Space Planning Review was a two stage process. The first stage involved a gap analysis on key property metrics, including office quality, sustainability and
compliance, and key tenant-specific metrics such as building condition and space utilisation.
— The second stage involved the identification of upgrade works that would enhance the building’s operations / services, and provide space planning options where Brookfield could increase
the density occupation, whilst incorporating the tenant’s future needs.
— The project operated as a ‘live’ site to avoid causing inconvenience to standard building operations. Access for inspections and investigations to prepare the report occurred during normal
business hours and were conducted as usual maintenance activities. The building had to be kept fully operational at all times and the tenant remained in situ for the works stage.
— Once Brookfield had approved the recommended upgrade works as laid out in the report, Incorp was then responsible for designing and refurbishing the building’s key services, as well
as cosmetic upgrades to the facade, entrance, floors, lift lobbies and amenities.

size: 16,330sqm location: Canberra, ACT