Beiersdorf Headquarters, Sydney

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Unifying Beiersdorf’s people with a new WELL workplace

Beiersdorf is considered as the inventor of modern skincare. Their 130+ year success as a personal care and cosmetics company is founded on research and development expertise, innovative products, and strong brands.

Project Unity was the name and driver in principle for Beiersdorf’s complete workplace transformation. The project aligned with leadership’s desire to be an exemplar of best practice globally, unifying both Beiersdorf and Beiersdorf Healthcare teams under one roof, and the refurbishment of their entire North Ryde workplace targeting a WELL standard.

The brief was shaped by Beiersdorf’s ‘Care Beyond Skin’ – Creating an environment that reflected their brand, commitment to sustainability, and facilitate increased collaboration, communication, and innovation company-wide. Beiersdorf’s wellness-centered ethos provided a framework for Incorp to move away from their previously ‘clinical’ environment and transition the staff from offices to open plan, creating a WELL standard workplace.

With a proud and rich heritage, Incorp’s design concept strongly drew on the culture and history of Beiersdorf, and the significance of the original round “Nivea” blue pot. The integration of WELL principles, including biophilic elements and finishes, balanced the use of the Nivea blue against natural tones. As a relatively new concept in Australia, targeting a WELL rating was a significant challenge. Incorp was required to follow strict sustainability principles aligned to the rating system – using approved third-party certified materials and finishes; the implementation of solar roof panels; an energy upgrade to Circadian and Melanopic lighting; and new internal systems to support a healthier workplace. As Beiersdorf was the owner-occupier of the building, a staged approach for the construction was required for the staff to remain in-situ with works completed in December 2018.

Beiersdorf was officially awarded the WELL Silver Certification in August 2020.

Feedback received from Beiersdorf has been overwhelmingly positive:

“I love it, the staff loves it. You can feel it, you can see it. The teams themselves are far more unified and it’s definitely brought down the walls in both a physical, metaphorical and mental sense.”
Clynton Bartholomeusz, Managing Director

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size: 2,165sqm location: Sydney