Beiersdorf (Nivea), Melbourne

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Beiersdorf's 'We care' ethos inspires their new workplace

Beiersdorf, a global FMCG company with trusted household names such as Nivea and Elastoplast, engaged Incorp to design and deliver a new workplace for their skincare and healthcare teams in Melbourne.

Beiersdorf’s ‘We care’ ethos permeates everything they do. In this case, it informed the design of their environment to uplift the working experience of staff and optimise their well-being and engagement. To create the desired outcome, greenery, natural light and materials have been used for both visual effect and their intrinsic benefits. The new workspace, as well as the technology underpinning it, also needed to support the needs of their mobile staff, including local, interstate and international employees. The combination of working and meeting areas and the large communal hub area infused with Beiersdorf’s signature branding, creates the ideal balance of belonging, amenity and flexibility for everyone to work, collaborate and socialise.

Glenn Hall, National Business Manager for Beiersdorf Australia commented, “The team in Melbourne love the look and feel of the new space…. how it is modern and light, and more appropriate for a Beiersdorf office. The design has made good use of the space and natural light, and the open plan workstations still provide each person with a degree of their own space.”

Our journey together continues as Beiersdorf and Incorp are also transforming their Sydney headquarters, with Culture Infused Change Management and achieving WELL certification the foundation for the design. This exciting project is due for completion in December 2018.

size: 375sqm location: Melbourne