Department of Education, Skills & Employment (DESE), Newcastle

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Newcastle Workplace Relocation, Design and Delivery

Incorp was engaged to be the Principal Design Consultant for this project, after the Department of Education, Skills & Employment (DESE) was impressed with the new workplace for City of Newcastle Council that Incorp had recently completed.

DESE was relocating to the same building as City of Newcastle Council, and requested that similar design attributes were incorporated into their final workplace solution, as well as reflecting the local Newcastle scenery.

Deliverables included full detailed design services, coordinating subconsultants and contractors, adhering to Government standards, and following strict security guidelines and specifications for sensitive areas. Specific acoustic treatments were also required for various meeting and boardrooms to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

A key driver was to create a workplace where the DESE team could feel valued and empowered, with a warm and welcoming materiality that speaks to the local identity of Newcastle. Equally important was creating an environment that fosters connectivity, collaboration, and flexibility. A variety of collaboration spaces, huddle spaces, and quiet / focus rooms were incorporated into the final design.

The final workplace solution created for DESE has been welcomed by staff, and the various collaboration spaces created have become very popular. Subsequently, Incorp was also engaged as Project Superintendent for the design and delivery of DESE’s Macquarie Park workplace.

size: 667sqm location: Newcastle, NSW