Genea, Sydney

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Kent Street Co-Lab Creation

Incorp were engaged by Genea during the Covid pandemic to review their Kent Street workplace in lieu of expanding agile working practices throughout their business groups. In particular, they wanted to see what a new agile accommodation, alongside operational requirements, might achieve in terms of reducing Genea’s overall workplace footprint post-Covid.

The main driver of the project was to increase staff wellbeing, by creating a collaboration area where team members could go to experience a range of spaces to come together and connect with each other. Part of the brief was to make this space quite different from the existing calming work and client spaces – something “zesty”.

The subsequently named “Co-Lab” evokes a vibe and culture similar to a blend of hospitality and corporate design, and offers a variety of collaboration zones for Genea’s staff.

The key challenge lay around the fact that Kent Street was a live site with extremely sensitive medical facilities and operations. Further, the latter half of the project needed to be completed during the Covid disruption periods, requiring stringent controls over schedule disruptions.

However, the final solution was delivered on time and within budget with very positive staff feedback, particularly for the breakout and collaboration spaces.

size: 3,140sqm location: Sydney