A space to reflect Invoice2go's ‘start up’ phase, culture in the tech industry and local Sydney personality.

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Invoice2go is the App Store’s #1 mobile invoicing app, helping business owners and freelancers effortlessly track work and collect payment the instant a job is complete.

Born in Australia over 12 years ago, the organisation now employs over 100 staff across three offices in California, Sydney and Jakarta. In 2014, Invoice2go obtained venture capitalist funding from the USA, which has helped drive growth in all of the offices globally

“We’re at exciting point in our company’s history, and we’re thrilled to see this new stunning space transform to reflect that,” says Matt Roeckel, Operations Invoice2go.

Photo credit: Caleb Charles

Working to a tight budget and schedule, Incorp did previously (from my experience) deliver on all of those occasions. That goes a long away – it set a great precedent coming over to Invoice2go knowing the work would get done on time and on budget. Incorp was a good cultural fit and great all round.

David Schiaffi, Operations Coordinator Invoice2go


size: 1,400sqm location: North Sydney