Norman Disney Young, Sydney

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A global solution which reflects NDY's purpose to "Make Spaces Work"

Norman Disney & Young (NDY), a leading global engineering brand were seeking to revitalise their North Sydney space aligned with their purpose of “Making Spaces Work”. The environment was old and tired, did not encourage engagement and was not conducive to maximising team performance.

A complete refresh of the space aimed to address a number of key business objectives and reflect NDY’s core values:
– Provide an environment for future leaders;
– A variety of work settings to match the type of activity required;
– Attract and retain staff;
– Improve staff engagement;
– Improve the look and feel of the space;
– Provide flexibility and adaptability for changing work environment;
– Improve collaboration between the four key NDY businesses residing in North Sydney.

Incorp collaborated with NDY to re-create existing spaces through the clever re-use of existing elements and a new colour scheme to inspire greater engagement and stimulation. Departments and work disciplines are now clustered into neighbourhood zones that best suit their team needs and provide the ability to share, innovate and improve employee productivity. Overflow space is also designed for teams requiring extra desk space for colleagues visiting from interstate or overseas. The diversity of areas now support different working styles and enables a better way of working to unify the NDY businesses. Their new workplace is well received by staff and management.

Laurent Laberibe, NDY Associate Director, praised the tenacity of the team given some difficult project challenges:

“Being from the construction industry ourselves, we had high expectations for our project, however, thanks to their values and continuous commitment, Incorp delivered with success and created for us, a new workplace that we are also very proud of.”

size: 1,450sqm location: Sydney