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Vodafone's new purpose-built headquarters HQ “Vodafone Central” is a statement on the future of the workplace.

Vodafone Chief Executive Inaki Berroeta has commented on Vodafone’s new HQ at a time when the company is taking great strides in customer recommendation.

“For me, the opening of our new headquarters is a real source of pride that I have as CEO,” said Mr Berroeta.

Mr Berroeta said the decision to reshape how the company operates is critical to it delivering differentiated products and world class services to customers now and in the future.

“Being a company at the cutting edge of technology and with our customer service ambitions, we have had to overhaul how we work and where we work,” said Mr Berroeta.

“Our new approach helps to ensure that our people are trusted to work in a way that makes sense for their role: whether that’s physically in the office or virtually. This combined with an increased focus on collaboration makes us more agile and responsive to our customers’ needs.”

Vodafone’s workplace transformation has seen it do away with offices — not even the CEO Inaki Berroeta has his own office — instead, the focus is on flexible working. With shared desks and teleconferencing facilities, employees are encouraged to hot desk, work virtually and cross-functionally. Formal meetings are discouraged with a preference for short informal conversations. The new work environment also features a “Customer Immersion Zone” that has been created and equipped with interactive displays to showcase Vodafone’s current product and service offerings to employees. It also doubles as a destination for customers to speak directly with a customer service representative.

“Drawing together employees from across the business — from the CTO to back office and customer facing employees — is key to our success to staying ahead of customers’ expectations, especially as we turn our attention to deploying 5G technology and entering new markets such as fixed broadband,” said Mr Berroeta.

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size: 10,000sqm location: North Sydney