The Advantages of Green Zones

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by Andrew Raphael

Green zones not only act as a feature or visual statement piece. Studies have shown they can also provide an increased feeling of wellbeing by improving the health, mood and productivity of employees.

It has been proven that green zones can also act as a biofilter that capture pollutants, purify the air, reduce your carbon footprint by not only absorbing CO2 and increasing oxygen output, but also helping to regulate the temperature of buildings. It can also act as an insulator or sound barrier in an open plan office by absorbing some ambient noise.

Employees have reported that plants in general can have a great effect on their mood and provide a relaxing feel to any workplace, which in turn can reduce stress levels.

There are many applications and formats to generate a green zone, ranging from Vertical Green Walls, Stair void Green Zones, Ceiling Features, storage cabinet toppers – the options are endless. There are also many varieties of greenery ranging from Living, Artificial, Moss, and Pot Plants. A Green Zone can be created to your choice and tailored to your style.

Green zone applications are not only confined to commercial offices, building foyers, retail centres, universities and residential applications. Green zones can also assist in earning credits towards achieving a Green Star rating.

To the right are some examples of Green Zones in a variety of different applications that Incorp have incorporated into some of our projects that have received great results and feedback from our clients.

On a side note, a clever approach was recently adopted by a local council to retrofit an existing car park with rotating modular green wall system to absorb exhaust fumes generated by cars to create not only a visually appealing structure but to more importantly filter & clean the air within the carpark & its surrounds. Click here to go to a video explaining how the design firm and client came together to create this innovative solution.

The Incorp team have been incorporating Green Zones into our projects for the past 34 years, and would welcome the opportunity to assist you in providing workplace or building solutions that can improve your team’s wellbeing and productivity.